Who we are

Media Frog is a full-service digital agency that brings your business to the next tier. Here’s the team behind the magic.

“You will either step forward into growth or step back into safety.” –Abraham Maslow 

We are a team of experts that work in collaboration with various digital businesses to bring them to the next level. Our full-service digital marketing agency manages all kinds of activity that takes place online. This helps clients create effective brands and promote them in a way that drives brand loyalty and sales. 

We manage all aspects of a company’s online presence. This way, our clients have more energy to put into what they do best in their business. Leave the boring marketing stuff to us so you can focus on what makes your business shine. 


Leadership Team

CEO - Aaron Moreno

Aaron Moreno

Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Moreno is responsible for Medifrog’s overall operations and performance. He oversees the team and reports results to the board of directors. He’s the head captain of the ship.

CTO - Daniel Wilson

 Daniel Wilson

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel is the head engineer of the team. He is responsible for all the technology we use to handle your digital advertising campaign. He keeps our analytic tools on the cutting edge of digital marketing.

CMO - Rebecca C. Shelton

 Rebecca C. Shelton

Chief Marketing Officer

Rebecca is the woman behind all of our custom-tailored marketing strategies for our diverse clientele. She’s the one who analyzes your business’s brand and develops a data-backed growth strategy for you.  

 Jacob Cohen

Social Media Manager

Jacob handles all your social media marketing. He develops and executes the social campaigns of our diverse clientele that increase followers and engagement.

DMM - Jardena Davis

 Jardena Davis

 Digital Marketing Manager

Jardena develops and implements strategies that promote your brand’s products. She develops and oversees ad campaigns for our various clients.

Ye feng

Ye Feng

 Digital Marketing Manager

Feng is an expert in the Chinese and Asian digital marketing field. He has more than 10 years of experience and is in charge of our Asia division.

Beside That, We Have Over 300+ Freelancers

We pride ourselves on collaborating with a diverse and talented group of freelancers from all around the globe. This dynamic approach allows us to bring fresh perspectives and unique skills to our projects. As a result, if you receive an email that seems a bit unusual or from a new contact, it’s likely from one of our dedicated freelance team members. We’re all united in our commitment to delivering exceptional value and service to you.

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